In general, Gatesville continues to keep electric and gas prices as low as possible by joining city coalitions to present a strong voice for consumers. Gatesville understands that commercial businesses could have special needs and will work with you on your individual project requirements. Gatesville provides water distribution, waste water services, and contracts with Waste Management for solid waste services. To learn more about other utility providers that service Gatesville, please visit the City website www.gatesvilletx.info/living-in-gatesville/utilities.html.

Water Delivery and Waste Water

Providing safe, clean, and reliable drinking water is a critical city service. Investments in drinking water and wastewater systems protect public health, aid in protecting the environment, provide fire protection, and ensure that there is an adequate water supply to support the growing population, businesses, and industries. Businesses and industries choose locations with a stable and sufficient water supply.

Gatesville excels in this area and began preparing for the future almost 25 years ago. Click here for the annual water quality report.

Gatesville doesn’t stop there. Waste water recovery and redistribution is available to private land owners for irrigation. If your business or industry is interested in reducing your long term irrigation costs through this application, please contact Gatesville City Hall at 254.865.8951.